[Written by Ray Cobra of TUNED UP on April 13th, 2019]

Silversun Pickups – “It Doesn’t Matter Why”: The lead single of every Silversun Pickups record I’ve heard has been a winner, and “It Doesn’t Matter Why” is no exception. The contrast of organic sounds atop the band’s trademark dark atmospheric sound is striking, like bright paint on a black canvas. The addition of strings is new for the band, and on the whole this feels like a natural progression for them. One other comment I’ll make is that the music video does not fit the character of the song, though it is striking in its own way. [featured image above is by Claire Marie Vogel]

Heather Evans DOUBLE FEATURE! 

“By My Side”: The singer-songwriter who hails from Sacramento, CA by way of Columbus, OH has been churning out new tunes slowly and steadily. “By My Side” is the latest music video release, and it showcases the progression of Evans over the past 6 years. Not too long after we started this blog, she reached out to us to cover the Out of the Woods EP and has been one of our most steadfast supporters since. I’m not exaggerating when I say that “By My Side” might be the strongest single Evans has released so far. It’s a simple, straightforward song about steadfast love. I spend a lot of time looking for the next “unique” band and absorbing a lot of indie/alternative music on the fringe. Sometimes, it can be refreshing to absorb a simple song and just let it be therapeutic. Not everything has to be groundbreaking. The production and arrangement here in particular allow my mind to get into that space, and the cinematography of the music video (watch below) complements that well.

“Anything’s Possible”: “Reach for the stars / This is your moment to hold them in your hand!” Evans proclaims in the newest single. There’s a reason that songs with a theme of perseverance are timeless, and Evans is adept at adding her voice to the chorus of those with and before her that have spoken these words of encouragement. Make no mistake, though—this is her song. As with “By My Side,” this song continues down the path of becoming more all-encompassing in feel. This warm, sunrise feeling has a trademark of Evans since the Out of the Woods EP, but it’s neat to hear it fleshed out in a bigger way here.

VISTA – “Eat (I Must)”: This alternative electropop/rock project I’ve heard hyped up a bunch by Columbus promoter and man about town Jay Green (alter ego DX Entertainment). This song advertises VISTA as a new project that showcases the best features of Halestorm and PVRIS in a new package that is ready for the masses. This is the sort of song I could imagine hearing during the end credits of a summer blockbuster, recalling the character arc of the protagonist. I don’t say these things to minimize the subject matter of the song, which is very personal. Rather, I often start with the feeling of the song and go to the lyrics later. This cinematic feeling makes the story all the more poignant, I think.

Lily In the Weeds – “Bat My Eyes”: Like many others, I’m sad to see this band come into a hiatus. Fortunately, we have “Bat My Eyes” to make us feel a bit better about this predicament. Like every other LITW song this one has attitude but this one is a little extra—in a good way. It rolls along in almost a seductive way. There’s a give-and-take effect in the groove and vocals that kind of pulls you in. And then, at just the right time, the verse resolves in a punchy chorus. It’s not a fast song, but it does go by quickly. To quote Ferris Bueller—“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.” Don’t miss this track.