Annual Ace of Cups show brings local musicians together

[Article courtesy of Kaylee Harter: of The Lantern - Jan. 12, 2018]

Forty musicians. Eight bands. One night.

Proceeds of the Rock Potluck will go to Global Music Project, a charity that provides instruments to underprivileged youth around the world, which Rock Potluck founder Bobby Miller said is an important part of the event.

“It’s a way of giving back to music and hopefully nurturing the next generation and maybe those who wouldn’t be able to play music otherwise” said Miller, talent buyer for Ace of Cups.  

Musicians of different bands are split into eight groups and will spend the afternoon writing two original songs and learning a cover song.  Each group will then perform at Ace of Cups later that evening.

Miller said the event is “a cool exercise in creativity” that has brought people together for a versatile experience year after year.

“It’s continued to serve its purpose which is ultimately to grow the bonds and strengthen the bonds of the Columbus music community,” he said.

The event will unite artists of different genres and backgrounds who rarely have the opportunity to work together.

“In a lot of ways, it does sort of illustrate that there’s a lot more commonality amongst all of us than we realize,” Miller said. “It’s very communal and kumbaya.”

This year, the event features local musicians from bands such as The Worn Flints, Lily in the Weeds and The Wet Darlings.

Alex Burnsides, vocalist for Lily in the Weeds, has attended the event in the past and will be performing this year.

“The talent pool that they choose from is crazy … I’m just excited to work with a bunch of people,” Burnsides said.  “The concept itself is terrifying, but just looking at the list … I’m a little bit locally starstruck.”

Each group will meet around noon in their designated practice spaces and will have six short hours to put its act together, Burnsides said.  

“I’m imagining now that it’s a full day of anxiety,” he said. “So by the end of it when people are actually playing it was just so much fun to be around.  Everybody was just having a really good time and it was contagious.”

Despite the short timeline and mixing of genres, Miller said the music always exceeds his expectations.

“All these people get together one day, they meet each other, they create all this amazing music and then they play it that night and once it happens, it’s over,” he said.  “You’re either there to experience it or you’re not.”

Miller said the event is expected to draw a crowd, since fans of 40 different bands will be attending to show their support.

“The crowds are always very supportive and very into it,” he said. “Everyone wants everyone to succeed and everyone realizes what an incredible challenge it is.”

This year’s Rock Potluck will take place Saturday at Ace of Cups, 2619 N. High St. Admission is $5 at the door and is open to ages 18 and up.  Doors will open at 8 p.m., with the show set to start at 9:30 p.m.